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Top 10 The World's Most Extreme SUV's

Watch: Top 10 The World's Most Extreme SUV's In this gallery we've brought together the world's most extreme SUVs past, present and future. In comparison with these beasts, the enormous off-roaders we see every day tackling the school run look positively reasonable. Bentley EXP-9F Ghastly was the consensus about the looks of Bentley's giant EXP-9F concept when it was launched at the 2012 Geneva Show. It just looked all wrong: a cacophony of conflicting styles and 23- inch dinner-plate wheels.But at the Beijing Show a month later, it suddenly seemed to fit its Asian landscape perfectly. It should make even more sense in the US, where 95% of Bentley customers also own an SUV, and are crying out for a 'Big Bertha' Bentley. (Re Lamborghini Urus Get past the very odd-sounding name and the Urus could be a real turnaround model for Lamborghini. Its styling is sleek - kind of Evoque meets Aventador - and it's designed to be a lightweight among super-SUVs. Its Audi-sourced V8 engine will be tuned to make 600bhp, so it should shift quickly. The same comment should apply to the sales floor too: Lamborghini reckons it will be able to shift 3000 a year. (Lamborghini)uters) Lamborghini LM002 Decades before the Urus, Lamborghini was right on the super-SUV case. In fact the LM002 was probably the world's first super-SUV, with some 301 examples built between 1986 and 1992. Powered by a 450bhp Countach V12, it was ferociously fast yet extremely competent off-road - but a gas-guzzler to ...

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