Video - Supercars at Beaulie,Uk, 2011

Videa Aston Martin Vanquish Supercars at Beaulie,Uk, 2011

Supercars at Beaulie,Uk, 2011

(sorry about the lines in the video, blame the sun lol) anyway this video Features, a Alfa 8c, Bentley Continental Super sports convertible is @ 0:56, McLaren F1 GTR is @ 1:55, Ferrari Dino is @ 3:58, Nissan GT-R is @ 5:09, Porsche 933 911 turbo 8, is @ 7:14, Aston Martin Vanquish S is @ 8:1, so enjoy, feel free to comment, rate or sub, ps i own the copyright so i kindly ask you not to steal my video's please, thank you :}

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