Video - Silver Aston Martin Vanquish - Start-Up, Interior, Walkaround

Videa Aston Martin Vanquish Silver Aston Martin Vanquish - Start-Up, Interior, Walkaround

Silver Aston Martin Vanquish - Start-Up, Interior, Walkaround

After not uploading anything for nearly a Week (I've been really busy doing assignments at college), i've now come back, with a rather nice car to show you from my Harrogate Trip. I know you may have seen this car on a previous video, but now i've made a video for it. A Silver Aston Martin Vanquish! In the video, you can see a Walkaround, a Start-Up, some interior shots and pictures, and of it driving. The first thing you may notice about this car, is it's stance. It's pure broadening. The interior of this one was also, incredibly brilliant. Basically, it was Green Leather and Cloth. The owner of this car was a rather nice gentleman, who opened it up for us to see the inside. People also looked at the Vanquish as it was parking up, but i cannot blame anyone for that of course. The Vanquish was Aston's flagship car for over 5 Years. Powered by a 6.0 Litre V12, producing 450BHP, it had a 0-60MPH time of 4.3 Seconds, onwards to a top speed of around 190MPH. It was the Aston that we all love, especially with this one being starred in Die Another Day. The Newport Pagnell made car, is probably one of the best modern day Aston's there is! Anyway, hope you enjoy the video and feel free to comment! UPLOAD YOUR SPOTS ON Check out GTRJacko on... Facebook It's own Website: Another Website Flickr Just look out for GTRJacko's photos Exotic Spotter: www ...

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