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Marconi Automotive Museum

This is my trip to the Marconi Automotive Museum and Foundation for Kids in Tustin, California. As the name states, it is a car museum but also supports charities to help children. You don't pay admission, you make a donation. There are many wonderful cars there. I didn't even film all of them either (although I did most of them). But there's also motorcycles there that I didn't film (not interested), including Ayrton Senna's Ducati! There's also many other other motorsport related items. For example, they have Paul Tracy's racing gloves. If you live or are visiting California and are somewhat near this place (we live about an hour and a half away), please visit. It's for a great cause and you can see a bunch of awesome and even rare cars there. Like Ayrton Senna's Honda F1 car, a 1 of 1 Ferrari FX, a 1 of 5 Jaguar XJ220 TWR S, and much more! Even if you're not that interested in cars or bikes, they do sometimes hold Fight Nights on Fridays. Their website for more information:

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