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Lagonda Returns with Concept Car

During their press conference at the Geneva Motor Show (March 5-15), Aston Martin's CEO Ulrich Bez announced the return of Lagonda with Lagonda Concept, a four wheel drive, four-seater car. Aston Martin is proud to announce the return of Lagonda, one of the oldest and most iconic names in luxury car manufacturing. The revival of Lagonda fulfils a long-term vision and will bring performance luxury into new markets and territories around the world for Aston Martin Lagonda. Ultimately, Lagonda will be a strong presence in 100 global territories, vastly increasing the global brand reach of the company and extending to new customers. Reflecting its remarkable history, the brand will return to Russia, enter emerging markets in the Middle East, South America, India and China, as well as responding to demand from the dynamic, innovation-focused consumers of Europe, North America and the Far East. The Lagonda is the luxury car of the future, says Aston Martin Lagonda Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez, a combination of total usability, a new form and innovative new technology and materials.

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