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Aston Martin Vanquish - Startups and Revs

Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe: Car Blog: ------------------------------------------ INFO BELOW! ------------------------------------------ Camera Sony CX700 Location: London Yesterday I visited Stratstone Aston Martin in Park Royal, London, where I was fortunate enough to take the brand new Vanquish out for a short drive. The dealership was hosting a quick demo for a variety of people and as such I managed to film the car starting and heading out a few times as well as some clips of it revving. I decided not to film my drive as I was unfamiliar with the car and not 'pushing it' so the video would not have been spectacular. However, in this setup with a very high specification the Vanquish is quite a car! My impressions of the driving were that the ride was very impressive, when you hit Sport mode the overrun burble is quite incredible but I found it too 'normal' and not dramatic enough - but personally I'm rather into sports cars rather than GTs. Thanks for watching, Tim



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