Video - 2013 Aston Martin DBS Project AM310 SOUND

Videa Aston Martin DBS 2013 Aston Martin DBS Project AM310 SOUND

2013 Aston Martin DBS Project AM310 SOUND

The car will be the replacement of the actual Aston Martin DBS. For now it's just a project car and it's called Aston Martin Project AM310. As you can see the car has a lot of details which come from the One-77 model. The engine is the 6.0 V12 engine of the actual DBS but it has been a bit modified with new components. In the video, always form the 2012 Concorso d'Eleganza of Villa d'Este, you can see the look of the car from many angles and hear the loud and beautiful sound while making some revs. THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE

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