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2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Coupe

This is a 2012 V8 Vantage S Coupe, Stratus White with Sahara Tan Interior. It features 19" V Spoke Graphite DT Wheels, Carbon Fiber Side Strakes, Lifetime Subscription to Satellite Radio, Piano Black Facia with Piano Interior, Red Brake Calipers, Garmin Sat Nav, and Alcantara Steering Wheel. Thank you for visiting our Youtube channel. Star Motor Cars, Aston Martin is the oldest and largest Aston Martin dealer in the United States. Here at Star Motor Cars we pride ourselves in providing you the best experience in purchasing and owning one of the most exclusive cars on the planet. Aston Martin is the largest independantly owned auto manufacturers in the world and one of the last hand assembled/painted cars left on the market. It takes 180 man hours to build one car and each minute is dedicated to making arguably, the most elegant and beautiful sports cars in the market. If you have any questions about Star Motor Cars, or Aston Martin please do not hesitate to contact us at 713-868-6813 or email at We are here to serve and educate you in all that is Aston Martin.

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