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2011 Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition

Following on from the success of the DBS Carbon Black, introduced in 2009, the 2011 Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition will be available in two new colours including Flame Orange and Ceramic Grey together with the existing Carbon Black. Each DBS will undergo Aston Martin's unique paint process receiving seven layers of paint together with a 25 hour hand flat-and-polish finish resulting in a glass veneer normally the reserve of jewellery production. A first for Aston Martin is the option to specify a satin lacquer paint finish, creating a silk-like texture. The Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition features 10-spoke gloss black diamond turned wheels with a reversed diamond turned or full gloss black finish as an option. Complementing the wheels, black brake callipers will be delivered as standard with yellow, orange, red or grey as an option. Harmonising with the exterior finish is a warm black grille, carbon fibre mirror heads, carbon rear lamp in-fills and smoked rear lights creating a DBS specification like never before. The cosseting and inviting interior of the coupe plays host to the familiar swathes of obsidian black or maranello orange semi-aniline leather. This type of leather is more natural looking and softer to touch. The interior of a Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition will take in excess of 70 man hours to hand stitch and finish. On the Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition coupe, the headlining is quilted in leather providing a luxurious envelope to the cabin. Immediately ...

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