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2008 Hamann Aston Martin V8 Vantage

"Form follows function" - in this spirit, Hamann perfectly co-ordinates the individual components of the aerodynamics kit with each other. The result is an impressive styling with an optimised airflow over the car silhouette and an additional output for increased bend speed. The bow of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage can be optionally equipped with a spoiler lip for the original front or enhanced with an entire front skirt. Between the front and rear side, the striking Hamann side skirt attachments render an integrated design and give the Hamann Aston Martin V8 Vantage a lowered and more stretched look. In order to reduce the lifting forces at the back axle, Hamann technicians developed a shapely spoiler which can be fitted on the rear lid and enhanced with a matching three-part rear diffuser. The latter optically extends the side skirts downwards and skilfully enhances the two end pipes of the Hamann sport exhaust system. Basically, the customer can choose from two materials for the body components. Hamann produces its entire aerodynamics programme in fibre glass or optionally in matt carbon. Sportive and elegant - the new light alloy wheel Edition Race One of the technical highlights in the tuning programme is the new three-part Hamann light alloy wheel named Edition Race. The forged wheel combines both sportiness as well as elegance. The black varnished rim star and the titanium bolting emphasise the dynamism of the wheel, the highly-polished rim flange on the other hand ...

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