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2003 Aston Martin DB7 GT

2003 DB7 GT for sale. Red and Tan interior. 6-Speed Manual Transmission 435HP 410 ft/lbs of torque 10489 Miles $59900.00 Call 713-868-6813 or email at Excert of History of Aston Martin DB7 GT by To some of Aston Martins customers, sufficient just isn't enough. That's probably why the last and most powerful version of the DB7 was introduced at the 2002 British International Motor Show. The V12 was tweaked to deliver 435bhp (up from 420 of the DB7 Vantage) and also additional torque - up from 400 lb/ft to 410 lb/ft. The suspension was substantially modified and had thus stiffened the chassis by 20%. Special attention was paid to the aerodynamic balance for high speed stability with the adoption of additional sweeps for the undertray, wheel arch liner extensions and a revised boot lid spoiler which emphasises the new look. These additions helped to reduce lift by almost 50%. The car also features twin bonnet vents not dissimilar to those seen on the Vanquish for better air-flow management and to help dissipate heat. Also fitted is a distinctive wire mesh radiator grille and lower air intake. Unique 5 spoke 18 inch alloy wheels are fitted with 245/35 front, 265/30 rear low profile Bridgestone tyres that provide optimum levels of performance and grip. Also the GT features a free flowing exhaust with a by pass valve to give an exhaust note just like the Vanquish. The revised quick-shift gear lever on the DB7 GT and racing twin ...

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