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2 - Aston Martin DBS

Car: Aston Martin DBS Next up was the impossibly handsome Aston DBS. I'd say it and the LP640 were the best looking cars there. It sounded as good as it looked too, just like the race car, albeit much quieter. The DBS felt every bit the grand tourer and would be a fantastic car to cover vast distances in on the road. On track it was slower to react than the nimble R8, with a more relaxed action to the controls. At first it made the car feel less decisive and not as confidence inspiring as the R8. It proved to be competent on track, even if it's not the DBS's natural home, and was great fun to drive. Although I lacked a bit of confidence in the big Aston, its fantastic engine and brakes, and achingly tough beauty all combine to make it an extremely desirable car. Date: 1st May 2010 Organiser: 6th Gear Experience The company was set up by Andy Cummings and Simon George who's a contributory writer for evo magazine. I've followed his cars in the magazine for years and now I've driven them. I met him on the day too. Top guy and was only too happy to stand around for ages nattering about cars.

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