Aston Martin DB4 Vantage

Aston Martin DB4 Vantage

Rok výroby 1961 - 1963

Model: DB4 (1958 - 1963)

Wikipedia (DB4):

DB4 Vantage

(1961 - 1963)

The DB4 Vantage was announced as a separate model from the start of what is now known as series 4 cars in 1961. The 'Special Series' engine was offered as an option for the DB4 and featured not two but three SU HD8 carburettors plus the cylinder heads had bigger valves and a higher compression ratio; the block remained the same as the standard car. Power was quoted at the time as 266bhp, a useful increase of about 10%. A vast majority, but not all cars with the special series engine featured the faired-in headlights from the DB4GT with the addition of a chrome trim.

The series 4 was replaced by the series 5 in September 1962; the body was lengthened by 9 cm which gave more rear leg room and a bigger boot but also allowed a higher roofline. Almost all series 5 DB4′s were built to Vantage specification. In almost all respects the DB4 Vantage had become the DB5 – a car it is often confused with. Visually, the series 5 DB4 Vantage and DB5 only differ in detail. Most DB4′s have only one fuel filler (DB5′s have two), DB4′s have no model badges (many DB5′s have wing badges), DB4′s have the four speed David Brown gearbox (most DB5′s have the ZF 5 speed).

The occasional DB4 Vantage even goes racing. This car was photographed (Red number 72 below) during the 1999 season during an AMOC race meeting at Donnington Park. Early DB4′s are favourites to go racing as towards the end of it’s production life, the DB4 gained weight. But remember, the Vantage was a more powerful car too.

Many of the series 5 Vantage also featured the GT instrument panel (but not the one picrtured below) Also visible is a window winding handle, a feature which saw its last service on the DB4, DB5′s and later cars had electric windows fitted as standard.

Pictured below features a DB4 Vantage in Dubonnet Rosso together with a 2CV6 Dolly (indeed it’s my car), If nothing else, it illustrates the breath of the classic car world. The picture was taken in 1995 in a park in Newport Pagnell being used as parking for the factory open day, a very busy day in the town.

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1962 Aston Martin DB4 Vantage
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1962 Aston Martin DB4 Vantage
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1962 Aston Martin DB4 Vantage
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1961 1963 DB4 Vantage benzín 3 670 6 / Řadový 198 346 12

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