Aston Martin DB4 (series 4)

Aston Martin DB4 (series 4)

Rok výroby 1961 - 1962

Model: DB4 (1958 - 1963)

Wikipedia (DB4):

DB4 (series 4)

(1961 - 1962)

From September 1961, a number of small but noticeable changes were introduced to the DB4 so that the AMOC has designated such cars as 'series 4'. The changes were mostly external and make this particular variant quite easy to identify.

The ‘egg box’ style grille was replaced by a barred type with only seven vertical bars. The air scoop on the bonnet was substantially lowered and lost the grille. Both the lower bonnet air scoop and barred type grille lasted in production through the DB5 right through to the last variant of the DB6, the Mark II in 1970. The much needed oil cooler became a standard feature with it’s easy to spot intake under the front bumper although amazingly was a delete option.

Most series 4 DB4′s were fitted with the engine in standard tune with twin SU carburettors. It was also possible for the customer to specify both the Special Series /SS engine as used in the DB4 Vantage with triple SU carbs. A tiny number of cars also received the GT engine it’s unique twin plug head and triple Weber carburettors.

The design of rear lights from the series 3 were carried over with individual indicators, rear/brake lights and reflectors mounted on a polished recessed plate. The rear bumper therefore were not fitted with inset red reflectors. As these early bumpers are now extremely rare, if a replacement has been fitted, it is usually is the DB5 type with the reflectors.

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1961 Aston Martin DB4 (series 4)
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