Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe

Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe

Rok výroby 2016 - ...

Model: DB11 (2016 - ...)

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(2016 - date)

A new chapter in Aston Martin’s history began at the 86th International Geneva Motor Show with the unveiling of the DB11. The first product launched under the company’s ‘Second Century’ plan, DB11 is the bold new figurehead of the illustrious ‘DB’ bloodline and an authentic, dynamic sporting GT in the finest Aston Martin tradition. 

The DB11 showcases a fresh and distinctive design language, pioneering aerodynamics and is powered by a potent new in-house designed 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine. Built upon a new lighter, stronger, and more space efficient bonded aluminium structure, DB11 is the most powerful, most efficient and most dynamically gifted DB model in Aston Martin’s history. As such, it is the most significant new Aston Martin since the introduction of the DB9 in 2003.

Heralding a new design era for Aston Martin, DB11 is the latest landmark in a remarkable aesthetic journey; one that gave us icons such as the DB2/4, DB5 and, most recently, the DB10 developed specifically for James Bond. DB11 re-imagines the relationship between form and function with a series of fresh design signatures. Foremost amongst these are the front-hinging clamshell bonnet (), distinctive LED headlights and accentuated lines of the iconic Aston Martin grille.

The wraparound clamshell bonnet, largest seen on a production car, minimises unsightly shut-lines for a pure, sculptural quality not seen on other cars. Its size means it is also exceptionally effective at dissipating energy, negating the need for space-consuming pedestrian safety systems that would compromise DB11’s crisply tailored lines. As the bonnet hinges forward, it reveals a panoramic view of the magnificent V12 engine beneath, in a similar way to the DB2 of 1950

The profile is equally dramatic, thanks to the roof strakes that flow uninterrupted from A-pillar to C-pillar. The clean lines continue at the rear, with a sloping decklid that smoothly blends into boldly sculpted tail-lights to create a new and unmistakable graphic. The roof strakes can be initially specified as either bright anodised or gloss black. Body coloured roof strakes should become available in due course

Innovative aerodynamics play their part in this aesthetic revolution with clever management of airflow both over and through the bodywork aiding stability while preserving the DB11’s uncluttered surfaces. Front-end lift is reduced by the gill-like Curlicue which releases high-pressure air from inside the wheel arch via a concealed vent within the redesigned side-strake. Meanwhile, rear-end lift is reduced by the Aston Martin AeroBladeTM; a virtual spoiler fed by discreet air intakes located at the base of each C-pillar. Air is ducted through the bodywork, before venting as a jet of air from the aperture in the rear decklid. 

Like every Aston Martin, the heart of the DB11 is found beneath the bonnet, though unlike any Aston Martin before it, the DB11’s heart is a 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12. Designed in-house this new engine develops 608PS1 (600BHP1) and 700Nm1 of torque, making DB11 the most powerful production DB model ever. Naturally, it’s the most dynamic and most accelerative too, with a top speed of 200mph1 and a 0-62mph time of just 3.9sec1. Thanks to intelligent bank activation and stop-start technology that potency is matched by greatly improved efficiency.


DB11 auto pro Gentlemany

Leckdo může namítnout, že všechny ty řeči o aristokratické nátuře aut z Velké Británie jsou jen vyčpělou pózou. Jenže nejsou, prostě nejsou.

Nový Aston Martin DB11 je tu s námi asi tři čtvrtě roku a už několikrát nám předvedl, že k obyčejnému autu má daleko. Jeho výjimečné řešení aerodynamiky zádě je jedna věc, probrali jsme ale i další automobilkou prezentované finesy, které z něj dělají to sprá...

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2016 Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe
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2016 Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe 5.2 V12

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Výkon motoru 447 kW (608 PS) při 6500 ot./min. Točivý moment 700 Nm (516 ft/lb) při 1500 ot./min. Maximální rychlost 322 km/h. Zrychlení 3.9 s ~ 0-100 km/h. Hmotnost 1 770 kg. Palivo benzín. 8-rychlostní Automatická převodovka. Motor 5 204 ccm (318 cui), 12-válec, Vidlicový, 48-ventil, AE31.