Aston Martin V8 GT700R

Aston Martin V8 GT700R

Rok výroby 2000 - 2000

Kategorie: Poválečná Závodní

(by David Ellis Motorsport) (2000)

This V8 GT Race Car was previewed in the paddock at the 2000 AMOC St John Horsfall race meeting. Whilst not a factory development as such, it has been constructed by David Ellis who has been involved in racing Aston Martins for some time. The car sits on a carbonfibre monocoque tub with a steel tubular front subframe and push rod suspension. It is clothed with a Carbonfibre Body loosely based on the 1990's Vantage. The front mounted Aston Martin Virage V8 engine with 4 valves per cylinder and race spec fuel injection is designed to deliver 700 bhp. Weight is an impressively low 850kg.

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2000 Aston Martin V8 GT700R
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