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Uživatel Markchip (57.6)
Jméno Mark Chippendale
Domov Tunbridge Wells, Velká Británie, Evropa
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Recently bought my dream car - a 2004-5 DB9 coupe! Although I have had hand controls fitted (I'm a disabled wheelchair user) I'm not sure how much I'll use them, we shall see! The car is stock but I may end up fitting an android tablet in place of the standard satnav screen and I don't imagine myself much to enhance the performance or handling as I can't ever see myself even reaching the car's capabilities. I hope to do most of the servicing myself and my first job will be to find a way of getting my manual wheelchair into the boot or rear seat - somehow!! One day I even hope to do a track day!

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Palivo benzín. 6-rychlostní Automatická převodovka. Motor 5 935 ccm (362 cui), 12-válec, Vidlicový.

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